Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Excitement of the week

I suppose it's a good thing if we get our drama for the week out of the way on Monday night?  Moses got loose last night.  (For those of you who don't know he's the idiot horse I wish I didn't have). I accidentally left the walk-through people door open in the barn when I went out to feed last night.  While I was out closing the pasture gate to keep the horses corralled for the night, Moses wandered in the barn, and right out the door into the yard. 

He careened around our yard for a bit, then the neighbors yard.  At first Squirt's pitiful calls of loneliness kept him coming back, he just wasn't smart enough to back through the door he came out.  Then he branched out and galloped off down the road through another person's field and discovered the herd of ponies down the road.  He was quite smitten with the ponies and refused to move away from their fence.  Since he is not a horse that can be caught in a regular situation there was no way I was catching him in this situation.  This left me chasing him around the neighborhood, with darkness approaching, carrying a dressage whip and screaming "go home!" Hopefully no one actually witnessed this.  As luck (?) would have it, Moses is out of shape, middle aged, and a little lame so he eventually gave up and went home.  We opened the gate, he walked in and calmly started eating dinner like nothing happened.  Jerk.  So to all the unsuspecting neighbors, sorry about the mysterious hoofprints in your yard.

On a more adorable note (nope not more bunny pics) here is Lyric looking ever so precious.

 And, yes, he's ok.  He just likes to sleep on his side.  And he sleeps very soundly too.  I had to poke him awake just to make sure he was ok a few times!  And he doesn't jump to his feet like most rabbits, he just calmly sits up.  He is one chill little fella. He did good with the litter box yesterday.  But pooped on the floor overnight.  Still, pretty good for the first two days. 

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Paint Girl said...

I'm thankful that my horses have never escaped (knock on wood). But I have had quite a few neighbor horses escape and they always end up at my house!
Lyric is adorable!