Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 9: Nationals Round 3 and Wrap-up

The hybrid course today was pretty challenging and we had a few almost mishaps but did mange to run clean again today!  This gave her a total of 295/300 pts and moved her up in the standings significantly.  We ended up 69th out of 235 twenty inch dogs.  I'm more than pleased with that result.  She really did the best she could and I could not have asked her for more.

We stayed to watch the challengers round and the finals both of which were so much fun to watch.  No pomeranians make the finals though, maybe we can do something about that someday...

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts on the weekend.  The trial site was pretty nice.  Except for ring 4.  It was dark and dusty and stuffed over in the area with the inside stall crating.  It was not even as nice as most of the arenas local trials are held in and certainly didn't give you a "championship" feel.  The PA system was terrible and depending on where you were sitting you could only make out about half of what was said if you were lucky.  Also, we were relatively unimpressed with Reno as a city.  It's not somewhere we would go back to.  I thought the courses for rounds 1 and 2 were pretty straightforward but the hybrid round was definitely more challenging.  Also the challengers and finals rounds looked like they presented some definite challenges even though I didn't get to run them.  The vendors were so-so.  There were a few with some good stuff and unique products but I was sort of expecting there to be more.  But I guess it's good there not more, since I spent all of my budgeted vendor money on what was there! And as I mentioned before the clean run ribbons could have been nicer.

Well, that's all I can think of right now.  We are spending a day or two in Lake Tahoe now, which so far seems super nice and we are looking forward to seeing more of it tomorrow.

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Diana said...

Congrats, 69th place in the 20 inch dogs. Awesome!!

VetVoyeur said...


Karissa said...

Congratulations! Do we get video from the Hybrid round? :o)

I see what you mean about the ribbons -- But then again, NADAC doesn't even give those out anymore at Champs!! It's always nice to have a memento to take home from such a big event, since lord knows placements are a stretch for the majority of people attending.

I have never been to Reno before. After hearing your critique I probably won't rush to visit any time soon. lol I'm not really big on gambling, anyhow.

Nicki said...

Hybrid video will be available later-I let Jerry off the hook and he went back to sleep at the hotel so we have to wait for the pro video to arrive.

At least an NADAC though you have a better chance to get a placement ribbon.

Nicole said...

awesome runs!! It was cool seeing you guys run in person!

I got a few photos of Legend in STD if you want them, I can email them to you or something..

cbandkona said...

Congratulations on your placement!
I started following your blog a little while ago b/c I also have poms. Sometimes people ask me when I'm going to get a real dog for agility - I tell them I have one :-) Anyway - great work with Legend and hope you get back to Nationals with your pom!

Greg S said...

Congrats on having almost 3 clean runs at your first AKC Nationals - that's really great!
It was very cool to meet you in person too!

Nicki said...

Poms are definitely real agility dogs! I plan on having Lyric at nations someday for sure, maybe we will see you there!

It was good to meet you too Greg-and Skye and Rip as well! Congrats on all your great runs.

Chris and Ricky said...

Congratulations you guys!!