Friday, April 20, 2012

Whatever happened to Holli?

Holli got adopted!  While we were on vacation a previous adopter decided to take her for a "test drive."  Despite Holli's mischief she decided she was a keeper and we finalized the paperwork earlier this week.  Now she has two sisters, a nice yard, and a mom to spend lots of time with her. 

We have gotten in some agility training this week.  Lyric hasn't worked on discriminations in weeks and it showed!  But her weave poles are going well and her teeter is getting proofed.  Legend did some good distance work and was so-so on discriminations but is still a little squirrely about her weave poles.  Getting better though.  Always has to be something.  She isn't one to make things easy!

Kahuna is doing great-litter training coming along quite well so far, he's a genius!

These pictures are nothing special, just what I had on the camera.

How can you resist this?  You just want to pick him up every time you walk by the cage!


Jasmine and Sparkie said...

Aw, how cute!

Karissa said...

Congrats on Holli's adoption! Yay for her!

Kathy said...

Yea for Holli, and a pevious adopter with some sisters for her, how cool is that? Love teh bunny pictures...sooooo cute!

Sara said...

How wonderful that Holli has a great new family!

Now I want a bunny!

Nicole said...

congrats on Holly getting adopted,
these photos are wayyyyy too cute!