Sunday, April 22, 2012

Odds and ends

I made a book of Legend's trip with the same company I use to print blog books.  I ordered it Tuesday and it's already here!  And I love it.

There are these yellow flowers in our pasture that I thought would be pretty with Zodiac so I took him out to pose-which you know, he loves.  Not.

Then Squirt came over and posed nicely for this picture.  He doesn't look 16 does he?  It's probably because he's had such an easy life!

Yesterday I had some unexpected but appreciated help doing my yard work.  We got my poor weedy, stemmy berry patch cleaned up.  Something I've been putting off all winter!  We got so much done we even had time to plant a little veggie garden and some new flowers.

I don't think this comes back every year-which is my goal, but it did look good with the new Calla lily.


Karissa said...

Love the pictures! Great idea to turn your adventure into it's own book. I bet it looks fabulous!

Diana said...

Great idea about the book. Love the pictures.

Sue said...

Zodiac is so patient. Maybe Squirt wants to have more blog time.