Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here they are!

All the videos from the show videographer at nationals.






Sara said...

These were fun to watch! How cool that there was a professional videographer there to capture all the fun.

Great job! Legend is such a beautiful jumper.

Diana said...

Beautiful runs!!! Well done!

Karissa said...

Yay! Videos! :o)

Really lovely job at Nationals! The JWW and Hybrid rounds in particular were fantastic! That little flick to the off course jump in Standard is still hard to explain. lol Dogs, I tell ya!

Nicki said...

Thanks all!

Kathy said...

Fantastic and what an accomplishment to be running at your first nationals! You guys did a great job -it all seems like it was such a great experience. I had fun watching the feeds and looking for you guys and monitoring the scores from home :-).

Nicki said...

Thanks Kathy, how cool that someone was looking for us!