Saturday, March 21, 2009

From circus to gloom

Jerry gets free tickets to the circus every year because his office allows the circus to use their parking lot for the circus goers to park in. So last night Becky, Rob, Jerry and I headed off to see the circus. It's worth the price of free but I don't think I would pay to get in. It's a smaller circus and I always worry about the use of animals in these kind of shows. The white ponies had poop stains on them, the tigers looked unhappy and one of the dogs was limping. I have a classmate from vet school who work for Ringling Brothers and that makes me feel that their animals are taken care of but I'm not sure about these. Then we headed out for a late dinner which made me and Becky very tired for work this morning.

Plus it was raining and dreary all day. We had plans in Branson with Leslie and Tony but due to rain and unexpected work conflicts with Tony we decided to reschedule. And we found out Kristen (Baby Kennedy's momma) is having some complications and not feeling well. So she had to stay in the hospital and get tests run and more medications instead of going home today. Hopefully she will know more about her test results tomorrow so please keep her in your thoughts. I did stop by the hospital on the way home to check on them and of course hold the baby-she slept the whole time like a little sweetie and then I went on home so they could get some more rest.

The dogs are bummed because we are actually home but it's too rainy and muddy to go out and play. Maybe they can have a special treat later tonight.

These are pictues from the other day at the hospital taken with a camera that has a flash so they are much better than the ones from my phone the other day!

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Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hope Kennedy's mom is better today!

Too bad about the rain - mud with dogs is just no fun!