Friday, March 6, 2009

A little bit of spring

Today was almost 80 degrees here (or maybe it was 80-since I was inside most of the day I don't really know). Anyway, it was so nice to go outside and not get hit with frosty air. It was actually warmer outside out house than inside when we got home. Here is a picture of some of my crocus coming up. I never got my bulb garden weeded out so now everything has to come up through yucky old grass. I hate weeding.

Sport has pretty much quit coughing so tonight I let him play with the rest of the dogs in the back yard. He was pretty excited about it but a little overwhelmed. My guys didn't care that he was there. Legend was too busy playing, Zodiac was too busy herding Legend, and Oreo was too busy either playing or just wandering around the yard being an old dog. But the good news he's about to be adopted by someone Jerry works with and a client at our clinic. So, he gets a good home and we get to keep seeing him.

And speaking of Spring-this time the rabbit-the pet supply magazine had rabbit stuff on sale so I ordered her a bunch of chew toys and treats and she was pretty happy about that.


Diana said...

Yea for Sport! Diana

Sue said...

I think Fudge and Legend need to play together and wear each other out.

Nicki said...

Sue-bring him over anytime!