Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mostly pictures

We spent most of the day driving around doing some shopping and don't have anything new or interesting to report so I'll just share some random photos.

I call this one "Nice stop." Granted I was blocking her path to take the picture but she really did come to a nice stop on her contact after running the dogwalk at a good clip. And she held her contact very nicely while I finished taking the photo and then released her.

Farmer Barney

As promised here is my framed artwork. We hung it in the bedroom but for the photo it's on the couch. The couch provided good contrast.

Just Being Cute

I think this photo is cool because it doesn't look real. You would think one of those dogs was photoshopped in but they weren't. It just happened that I threw a ball and Oreo stood stock still and watched it while Legend went into motion and ran after it.

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drreneigh said...

That picture of Barney cracks me up! He is such a cat....