Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At least it's low fat!

Evidently Lyric decided if we must play outside in the cold and snow she would make the best of it. Here she is..........eating snow. What can I say-the girl loves her snacks!


I got this one of her running-isn't she just so cute. Once she gets snowballs stuck in her feet she's ready to go in but for a little while she's happy to play.

Here's Legend and one of her footballs

And finally Zodiac without a football!

We are supposed to get more snow here but I'm not sure how much we will really get at out house. Looks like a lot of it may miss us. It's still supposed to be terribly cold-with wind chills up to 20 below zero. Don't the weather gods know it's not supposed to be that cold here. If I wanted to be that cold I'd move north. Brrr.


Diana said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Diana

Got Syzygy said...

Hey, whatever 'floats her boat', as long as it's NOT YELLOW!! G Looks like they are having FUN! That's what's important!

manymuddypaws said...

hey, i love your new header!

Sue said...

When Robert got home I asked if he'd met Lyric and I was so disappointed that he didn't. She's a real doll.