Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Project:Phase 1

We painted every wall, baseboard, ceiling, and even the basement floor in our previous house during the time we lived there. We even stenciled in several rooms. In one room I had to take down wallpaper. So, when we moved here I had zero desire to to paint or redo anything. The paint and wallpaper that was there was probably was not what we would have chosen but we didn't mind it and just adjusted our decor around it. We did paint the bright pink bedroom-that could not stay.

Other than the pink bedroom the one thing I never really liked was the wallpaper in the master bedroom. It looked like this.

I would have never, ever picked that but I really didn't want to take it down so we just added some complimentary decor-artwork, towels, etc that made it more tolerable. But after 5 years I decided it was time to take down the wallpaper and repaint. We picked the colors, had a plan and since I have plenty of time right now, I decided to get started.
That's when I discovered Phase 1 would be in two parts-there was wallpaper under the wallpaper. And it's pretty hideous. Fortunately I started in the smaller area of the bathroom and plan to finish that completely before starting in the big room. That way I won't have the whole bathroom torn apart at one time and if I can practice my sponge painting in the less noticeable areas!

Nice huh?


Sue said...

I remember one old farmhouse we lived in when I was little had six layers of wallpaper, each more hideous than the one before it.

Elizabeth said...

Have you checked to see if there is another layer under the roses?

tervnmal said...

Been there, done that, feel your pain. Wallpaper is evil.

TC said...

I agree with tervnmal, wallpaper is evil. I once took wallpaper off of PLASTER in the house I'd grown up in...I was close to 30, half way down the layers I found my writing on the wall, literally. I wrote my brothers name, I guess I thought he would get in trouble for it even though he was like grown and married? LOL