Thursday, January 14, 2010

On the move

None of these photos of Legend were super but all were decent so I decided to just put them all together. I love Legend with a snowy background-it seems to complement her markings well. Speaking of snow, it's just about gone-so here comes the mud :(

This is my new favorite photo of Legend. I think she has an almost sweet expression in it. I have a lot of good photos of her-but this one just seems to have a different feel to it than most of them. Maybe it's just me, but anyway, I like it.

If you are wondering, yes, the "project" continues. Fortunately there was no more wallpaper under the roses. And yes I agree with the general consensus-wallpaper is evil. Right now I'm waiting on the primer to dry and then will put on the base layer of paint. Hopefully it will just take one coat-that's the point of the primer right?


Diana said...

The pictures are wonderful. I like the one with Legend running and one ear is up and one down. Wall paper, ugh. Ive stripped lots of it. I always seem to get the kind that comes off in tiny pieces . It take hours of scraping to get it off. Diana

TC said...

Good for you and the wallpaper. Sponge painting is fun...I love it, can I come help?
The photos of Legend are great too, I can see the sweetness I think too.

Sue said...

Those are really nice all put together. I, too, like the one of her running with one ear up. In the single shot she looks vulnerable.

What color are you painting?

Blue said...

I agree, Legend look very nice against the snowy background! I really like the running photos.

Good luck painting.

Paint Girl said...

Legend is so pretty with the snow!!