Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hitting the trails

Yesterday we joined Cheri, Steve and one of their dogs for a hike. I think Legend thought it was pretty much the best day of her life. Since she gets so excited on walks and wants to zoom around everywhere I decided it would just be easier to let her go so she could run and play like Renny was. I was a little nervous at first but she did a good job of staying close and coming when called if she got too far ahead. The park was pretty dead, and fortunately we only encountered one other hiker-who was very understanding about our renegade dogs! Anyway-she ran and jumped and splashed and played the whole time. I don't know if she ever would have got tired she was having so much fun.

Lyric and Zodiac could have probably been off leash too but they are easy enough to walk on a leash and then I didn't have to worry about keeping track of all three. Lyric did a good job of keeping up and I think enjoyed herself. Although a few times she looked at us as if to say "isn't someone going to help me over this rock?" She did a good job for a fluff dog though. I'm not sure Zodiac had that much fun. He wasn't interested in playing in the water or running free and was ready to flop down for a nap when we came to a scenic overlook for a break. I think maybe he can skip hiking next time and stay home on the bed!

When we got home everyone was filthy, especially Legend so it was doggie bathtime. As soon as Legend realized what was going to happen she threw herself to the ground and refused to get up. Why does she object to a nice warm, clean bath when she just spent two hours running in the mud and playing in the cold stream? Can it really be that bad? Funny girl. She was a little more tired than usual in the evening but would have still played if we had wanted to!


Sue said...

Love that picture of Lyric,that girl has attitude. Legend looks like she's having a ball. It's so nice for them to be able to run off some of that extra energy after the weather we've had.

tervnmal said...

What a pretty place to hike! And no snow! Looks like a really fun day.

Diana said...

I love hiking with my dogs. I have to say I never bring the chihuahuas. Im not sure how they would do. Looks like fun. Diana