Friday, January 22, 2010

Cold again

It's cold here again. Not as cold as it was but back to coat weather. And it's cloudy and windy. Not a fun day for playing outside so we will continue with indoor training. I'm kind of at a loss for things to do now that the bathroom is done-but it's been nice not to have that huge project nagging at me for a few days. I got to get back on Photoshop this morning and mess around for a bit.

I have also added a new link to the sidebar so everyone (especially locals) check out Healing Paws Veterinary Clinic. I guess you can consider this my public endorsement for Healing Paws-it's where I would take my pets if I were in the general public!

And now, a few more snow pictures!

If you are wondering-yes Lyric is missing some bottom teeth!

As you can see there are some properties of photoshop I enjoy more than others-love the fancy backgrounds and fun patterns you can stamp on!

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Sue said...

It's nice to see that someone does acupuncture. We had a hard time finding anyone who did it when Bentley needed it.