Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The rest of the snow pictures

Well, almost. I still have a few more that may get posted over time. But I figured I needed to get these up before the new snow comes. We are supposed to get a lot of winter weather later this week. I'll be at a conference in STL and won't have to deal with it but still-it may disrupt my travel plans as I may leave a day early. Not much else going on here. Dogs are back to working inside-cold and windy outside, but at least it's sunny. We may go out an play ball later. Everyone is doing well with their respective training projects. I definitely think Legend will be ready for Open by summer. Maybe sooner but we are really in no hurry. And Zodiac is plugging along with Utility. I had hoped to have him ready for Tracking by the BCSA specialty in October but with my lack of interest in doing tracking in cold weather I'm not sure about that. We'll see how it goes come Spring.


TC said...

Wonderful pictures, almost (not really) makes me want more snow.

Paint Girl said...

Love the first picture of all 3! Love how they all really stick out against the snowy background!