Friday, January 1, 2010

I made something

With a significant amount of time and some frustration I was actually able to make something pretty neat with Photoshop. I didn't get the picture on the lower left blurred out as much as I wanted but it's a start.


Chris and Ricky said...


Happy New Year!

Splash said...

Catching up on your posts. Have fun with Photoshop, it's both hugely fun and beyond frustrating.

I took an online class through my local community college. It really helped me! Here's my final project -- before you look, realize that I could barely crop a photo before the class. Go me!

Anyway, have fun with it!

Here's my final: Einstein homage

Sara said...

Very cool! I love it!

Sue said...

Nice job. How long did it take?

Diana said...

Great job. I know photoshop is stuff. Diana

Paint Girl said...

I love it!!
Happy New Year!