Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting out while I can

I've been debating all week when to leave for the conference this weekend since they have been forecasting snow for late in the week. The conference starts Friday but the snow was supposed to start sooner. They have changed their mind about a million times about when it will actually get here so I finally decided to just leave today. Of course now it sounds like I could probably leave in the morning but I think I'll just stick with my plan. I'm sure no sooner than I change my mind tomorrow would be a disaster.

I did take the dogs out yesterday to play and found it was nice enough to do a little agility with the girls. Legend did fine-I have high hopes for her this year. We'll see if it actually pans out! Lyric was great. She's really starting to drive over/through the obstacles with confidence to get her reward. I think she's doing amazing for only a few days of training. She's starting to do run-bys as well as call-overs for the jump and did the tunnel at full length. She also remembered the tire right away. And she needed no help going over the dogwalk or A-frame. She knew there was a treat at the end and she was going to get it. Then while I was playing ball with the other dogs she did something none of my border collies have ever done-she scampered up the A-frame by herself just looking for a cookie at the end. She may turn into a great agility dog as long as there are cookies involved!

Here are some of the photo projects I worked on this week. This is a "watercolor" of Legend.

I stole this quote off of Border Collie Mom's blog. Thanks Lori!

Some of my flowers from last spring.

A "pastel" drawing of Zodiac looking sweet and sad.


Diana said...

Have a safe trip. Diana

Blue said...

Great photos! Also, I love that quote. Have a safe trip.