Monday, January 18, 2010


Today is kind of a quiet day for me. I ran a few errands but have not done much else. I am taking the day off bathroom remodeling duty. Yesterday Jerry and I got most of the wallpaper off so that's a big step. I just have to finish a few areas and then get the details done and the walls cleaned and prepped for painting.

As I said before our snow is gone, but I still have snow pictures to post-they are better than mud pictures. Here is an almost psycho looking one of Lyric running.

This is not a snow picture but does anyone else see a problem with who is laying where? As long as they are all happy I guess.

And finally-"snow-face"

Along other lines-I am suddenly unable to view videos posted on other blogs, anyone else having that problem?


Diana said...

Sometimes youtube has problems. You have to go back later and watch them. Im not sure whats up with that. Love the photo of Lyric running. Very cute. Sometimes Guienss squeezes into the chihuahua bed. Silly dogs. The grass is always greener. LoL

Sue said...

I can't get videos for the past couple days. Lucy always had the big bed in the house while the big dogs squeezed themselves into the tiny baskets. Little dogs don't see themselves as little dogs.

TC said...

Loved the bed picture, I have been trying to get something uploaded to youtube for a couple days but haven't gotten it done, my internet leaves something to be desired today anyway.