Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today's photographic focus is cats! Here are a few of Barney-one of our barn cats, Lefty is very shy and doesn't hang around for the camera much. I just thought these were nice-they are only slightly altered.

Icy posed so nicely for this photo but she blended into all the objects a little so I turned the background black and white. I thought also leaving the window area in color added a nice effect.

Here is a "painting" of Jelly. She rarely poses so well but she has such rich colors she's makes a great subject. I managed to get the background frame accidentally but liked the way it looked so used it instead of what I was planning.

In other news-be careful how you sleep! I must have slept in a terribly awkward position two nights ago because yesterday morning I woke up with so much neck pain I couldn't move at all without causing more pain. There was virtually no way to get comfortable. I'm still really stiff but mobile and able to do stuff. You wouldn't think that could happen just sleeping! It's also warming up some here, which is nice for doing chores and playing with dogs but so nice from the mud standpoint.

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tervnmal said...

They're very pretty, thanks for sharing the pics. I enjoy cats but our farm cats are basically feral and keep their distance because Phoenix keeps trying to eat them. They like me for about 2 minutes a day when I bring their food out to the barn.