Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watch out 8 inch dogs!

I started teaching Lyric some obstacles yesterday. I had forgotten what it's like when they don't know ANYTHING! She worked on a jump, a short tunnel, the A-frame, dogwalk, and weave poles. She was a little unsure of everything, but for food she was convinced to try it all. It's funny how they don't think twice about jumping on the couch or something blocking their path on the trail but set them right in front of a tiny crossrail jump and they insist on going around. She did catch on though and we had a big party after every obstacle.

After we were done working I was playing frisbee with the big dogs and she went over and checked every single obstacle we worked on for leftover food. And she only checked the ones we worked on-not even an extra jump or anything. Clever little thing isn't she. Then while I was on the other end of the yard I noticed her heading up the dogwalk on her own. I didn't want to scare her so I just watched and she sniffed her way all the way across the whole thing-by herself, at full height-looking for crumbs. Ambitious too.

Today she remembered everything we worked on and was eager to do more. She needed no help on the dogwalk or a-frame-just trotted right over following a cookie. She remembered right away about the jump and almost right away about the tunnel. And it only took her a few tries to figure out the tire.

Legend worked agility yesterday and today as well. She did very well. We also worked on the broad jump and retrieve over a jump. Those are coming along nicely so far.

Zodiac's signals are improving-he's responsive and not anticipating-a hard thing for him-he likes to work ahead! His articles are slowly getting better as well, as are his glove turns. He's still struggling with go-outs but I'm sure with time he'll get it. I should have done some tracking today with the warmer weather but I decided to keep working on the bathroom instead. I got the wallpaper all down today and the walls cleaned and prepped and then put on the primer which is drying now.


Paint Girl said...

That would be so cute to see Lyric doing agility!!
I love your new header, so cute!

Chris and Ricky said...

Lyric sounds like a natural! It will be very fun to run her!

TC said...

Lyric sounds like one smart cookie, pardon the pun...
Does kitty help you paint, they are such good little helpers. NOT!!

Sue said...

That's cute to picture Lyric doing the course by herself. Little dogs think they can do anything.